Q & A
Q.Does it need internet to recognize face?
A. No, it's a stand alone module embeded AI processing unit, no internet needed.
Q. Does it support sleep mode?
A. Yes, to save power, module can be programmed to enter sleeping mode in some situation, like idle for 10 minutes.
Q. What's the limitation of recording duration?
A. It's limited by flash memory size. Bigger flash memory size , longer recording duration can be programmatically set.
Q. Can it use to detect different color?
A. No, the sensor is B&W.
Q. Can I see the video from sensor?
A. No, user can't access video pipe. It's for mcu internal processing only.
Q. What's the input voltage of the module?
A. 3.7V-6V
Q. Can I program spi flash by myself?
A. Yes, use NB programmer.
Q. What's the difference between CMNB03-01 and CMNB03-02?
A. The are the same hardware with different firmware.
Q. What's the dimension of the board ?
A. 30mm x 25mm
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