Q & A
for C8203E
Q. Does it support 12V DC?
A. the standard module is for 5V, 12V is available for OEM customer.
Q. Does it have built-in charging circuit for Li-ion battery?
A. Yes , it has a built-in charging circuit with 1A charging current.
Q. It has two hdmi connectors on board, what's the difference?
A. one is HDMI type A and the other is HDMI type C(mini hdmi) , they share the same source. Connect either is OK.
Q. What's the range of input voltage?
A. 3.7-5.5V is recommended.
Q. Does it have battery level detection function?
A. Yes, user can turn on/off battery detection in the setting menu. Please turn it off when using DC power.
Last modified 1yr ago
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