Q & A
for C8262
Q. Can I have format of YUV2 instead of MJPG for video streaming?
A. Yes, it can be YUV2, available for OEM customer
Q. Do you provide the software with the module to play with PC?
A. you can download some PC cam viewer from internet to play with the module, amcap.exe from microsoft is an example.
Q. Can I use this module in Linux OS.
A. Yes, but it depends on the version of linux kernal. you need to have driver support UVC camera.
Q. You mentioned in data sheet there is a key in the module such that we can use it for capture and video recording thru PC software, can you explain in detail?
A. There are 2 keys on the modules which provide for OEM customer who is capable to develop his own PC software for functional control. If you want to make use of this, write email to [email protected] for details
Q. Can I connect this module to cellphone to play with?
A. Yes, some android phones support. you need to have apps installed for. iPhone/iPad don't support.
Q. Does it support USB 3.0?
A. No, It only support USB 2.0, But you can plug in USB 3.0 port.
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