Q & A
Q. What does it mean for the suffix "T" ?
A: It is use for differentiate the thickness of cable. "T" is for 0.5mm diameter cable.
Q. Why the camera module doesn't work with my own backend but works fine with the backend comes from ai-module shop?
A. it can be thousands of reason. here are some hints: 1. pins arrangement, 2. cable characteristics, 3. connector contact impedance, 4. no of connections, 5. length of cable
Q. Can I extend the cable length by myself?
A. Yes, you can do that but need to care about the characteristics of cable, length and connections. You may get video lost after extend the cable.
Q. Can I order longer cable and what is the maximum cable length?
A. Yes, you can order longer cable up to the maximum of 5 meters. Please send email to [email protected] for details.
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